Twin Tech India Pvt. Ltd is a leading name in manufacturing and supplying of aerosols and sprays in a multitude of industrial application. Biodegradable, user & environment friendly, all our sprays are custom designed for easy use. We promote our aerosols for different applications...

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“Twin Tech” is the manufacturer, exporter & supplier of specialty industrial maintenance aerosols like On-line contact cleaner, Carbon remover, Electronic cleaner, Insulating spray varnish, Bus-bar coatings, Penetrating oil, Moisture displacer, Rust preservatives, Rust-remover, Dry lubricants, Anti-seize compound, Silicon-free mould release agent, mould & die protector, mould cleaner, Galvanizing coating, Stainless steel coating

Twin Tech India Pvt. Ltd also manufacture various Aerosol machines like Aerosol propellant Filling Machine, Aerosol Semi-Automatic Crimping Machine, Aerosol Crimping Machine (Bottle), Aerosol Valve's Deep Tube Cutting Machine, Aerosol Gas Filling Machines, Liquid Filling Machines, LPG Filtrations Columns, LPG Bottle Stand, Aerosol Crimping Machine (Hand Operated) etc. The company has been supplying these machines in India and abroad, with a sound record of trouble free operations.

We also do contract aerosol packaging for a number of companies and industries, with extensive private label aerosol filling / packaging capabilities. We have earned a good reputation in the industry through our committed and outstanding customer management system and have created a benchmark as a manufacturer of various industrial aerosols.

Twin Tech India Pvt. Ltd