Twin Tech India Pvt. Ltd is a leading name in manufacturing and supplying of aerosols and sprays in a multitude of industrial application. Biodegradable, user & environment friendly, all our sprays are custom designed for easy use. We promote our aerosols for different applications under the registered brand name of SPRAYZET. We also do contract aerosol packaging for a variety of companies and industries, with extensive private label aerosol filling / packaging capabilities. We have earned a good reputation in the industry through our committed and outstanding customer management system and have created a benchmark as a manufacturer of various industrial aerosols.

Twin Tech India Pvt. Ltd also manufacture various Aerosol machines like Aerosol propellant Filling Machine, Aerosol Semi-Automatic Crimping Machine, Aerosol Crimping Machine (Bottle), Aerosol Valve's Deep Tube Cutting Machine, Aerosol Gas Filling Machines, Liquid Filling Machines, LPG Filtrations Columns, LPG Bottle Stand, Aerosol Crimping Machine (Hand Operated) etc. The company has been supplying these machines in India and abroad, with a sound record of trouble free operations.

The machines supplied are of a very high quality and are low on maintenance. It requires minimum degree of operating skills to work on these machines, which helps the customers to cut down the costs of employing skilled labour. While maintaining a high level of quality in its products, the company also ensures a timely delivery of the machines to all its clients, which has helped the company to earn the goodwill of its customers. We warmly invite you to browse through all the pages that we have prepared specially for you. We hope that you will find among them information that is of profitable interest to you.

Customer Focus

Clients : We have an exhaustive list of immensely satisfied customers all over the globe. The credit for the success of our company goes to our skilled professionals who help in providing best quality products at a very impressive rates coupled with quick delivery.

Quality : We have achieved high level of efficiency and facilitate the maintenance of excellent working environment. We source the best quality products for the satisfaction of our clients. We boast of strong, skilled and diligent workforces who have the potential to give their best in every aspect of performance. Strong working force along with the latest storage, packaging and delivery facilities enable for swift and timely delivery of small and bulk orders. We believe that quality is essential for the success of business, and hence, we have adopted good quality procedures and try to instill these methods into the organization's culture. Due to our strict quality measures we have mastered the art of producing flawless industrial products.

Infrastructure : We owe our success to our sound infrastructural set up. Comprising of a fully integrated manufacturing set up and contemporary technology, we have a state-of-the-art production line room to manufacture products. Our highly mechanized manufacturing unit is operated under checked in labs before they are dispatched for final packaging. Our technocrats also ensure the pressure of the sprays and that they are leak proof, safe and easy to use. Our highly committed workforce is the pillars of our strength.