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Venice 76

Elevate your kitchen with the Venice Kitchen Hob, a 76 cm masterpiece featuring three brass burners, one-touch advanced auto ignition, and a sleek metal knob. The round pan support ensures stability, while the optional 18mm rubber legs provide extra stability. With its stylish design and precise dimensions, this hob is a perfect fit for modern kitchens. Upgrade your cooking experience with Venice – where style meets performance.

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Introducing the Venice Kitchen Hob, a perfect fusion of style and functionality that elevates your cooking experience. With a sleek design and advanced features, this 76 cm hob is a statement piece for modern kitchens. The Venice hob is equipped with three high-performance brass burners, each catering to various cooking needs.

The burners come in three sizes – 110mm, 70mm, and 90mm, providing versatility for different pots and pans. The round pan support ensures stability and balance during cooking, making it an ideal choice for both novice and expert chefs. The one-touch advanced auto ignition simplifies the cooking process, eliminating the need for external ignition tools.

Crafted with precision, the metal knob adds a touch of elegance to the hob, allowing you to control the flame with ease. The hob’s dimensions of 760*450 mm make it suitable for a variety of kitchen setups, while the cutting size of 73×43 cm ensures a seamless fit into your countertop.

As an optional feature, the Venice Kitchen Hob offers 18mm rubber legs, providing stability and reducing vibration during operation. This hob is not just a kitchen appliance; it’s a culinary companion that combines efficiency with aesthetics.

Upgrade your kitchen with the Venice Kitchen Hob – where style meets performance.


76 cm


3 Brass Burner

Burner Size


Pan Support

Round pan support


One-touch advanced auto ignition


Metal Knob

HOB Dimensions (W x D)

760 x 450 mm

Cutout Size

73 x 43 cm


18mm rubber leg


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